so my planted 60G is set up and running. My first real planted tank. The plants have been in for a whole 13 days. I am dosing NILOCG ferts I mix myself. I am following the suggested recipe for now. I have Aquaneat lights. They are decent lights. Better than Beamsworks, not as good as far more expensive options. It probably qualifies as "medium" light after you add in the ambient light. I don't have a timer yet but have been lighting the tank about 12-13 hours a day with a mid-day siesta most days. But it's a fairly bright room so it isn't exactly dark even then. Some of the plants already had algae on them so I dosed the tank with Jungle Pond Algae Relief on day one. Algae died and the fish cleaned off the debris. No more algaecide dosing since, no algae problems so far. I have Excel but I am paranoid to use it. Nothing is dying, but the java moss looks really lame. Things are growing but very slowly. I think for the most part plant colors are better. I am probably being impatient. Where do I go from here?

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